France Télévisions

France Télévisions is the French public-law television broadcaster based in Paris and 100% owned by the Republic of France. In 2005, the enterprise had more than 10,000 employees. Its stations have a market share of 40%. It includes the channels France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, the main channels of overseas territories and the subsidiaries: France Télévisions Publicité, Multimédia France Productions, France Télévisions Distribution, France 2 Cinéma and France 3 Cinéma. France Télévisions is a member of the European Broadcasting Union.


In 2013, FTV planned to extend its training methods (which had until then been almost exclusively limited to traditional, face-to-face sessions) to incorporate components not dependent upon location. FTV intended to attain 3 objectives thereby:

  • To optimise access to training, particularly in locations overseas
  • To complete its training programme
  • To reduce training costs

The Learnship Solution 

“The solution suggested by Learnship exactly fitted our needs. The step from learning a living language in Face-to-Face lessons to learning with the computer as the only other party would have represented a too large and sudden change and, in our opinion, would have achieved the opposite of the desired effect. With this particular method of online Face-to-Face training, the employee is not alone in front of the screen. The courses are designed individually and are precisely tailored to individual needs. Training is flexible and adapted to the employee.”

The advantages of the Learnship solution

Amongst other things:

  • The flexibility of this solution means that it can be adapted to almost all scenarios: geographical locations, different jobs…
  • The continuous quality management
  • The high availability of training