Face-to-face online training. This is how businesses learn languages.

If you would like to improve your employees’ foreign language skills effectively, Learnship is the right choice for you. With us, your employees learn exactly what they need for their everyday working life – practically and at the highest technical level, face-to-face with their own dedicated trainer. Compare us to your existing providers and try us free of charge and without obligation.

Our Service for Your Employees

We bring highly qualified trainers to any location! With Learnship, your employees learn languages by a flexible, convenient and motivating learning method, with individual training plans and according to a proven pedagogical concept. Try us now without obligation.

Flexible in Time and Place

Trainers and students meet in a virtual classroom – whether they are currently at their workplace, at home or away on travel. Individual scheduling and short cancellation deadlines mean that learning is flexible not only in means of place, but also time.

High-Quality Training

Our language trainers have a great deal of know-how from conventional face-to-face training, who are additionally trained by us for this teaching method. We already successfully teach 14 languages in more than 
75 countries in this way.

Highly Specialised Training

Every industry has its own language. Our trainers therefore have specific industry knowledge in many specialist areas and branches of industry.

User-Friendly Technology

Your employees can use Learnship easily – without the need to involve your business’s own IT. A computer with a DSL connection and a telephone line is all that is required.

Our Service for Your Business

Our service is designed for the sophisticated training requirements of large businesses. We organize a wide range of highly specialized foreign language training for you. You will be able to link your professionals together, across different countries and locations, with immediate effect. Employees who are posted to another country are also in safe hands with us. Learnship’s relocation foreign language courses can be commenced with trainers from the place of destination before departure and seamlessly continued upon arrival. Compare our services to those of your current providers.

Uniform, high standards worldwide

Our online Face-to-Face training offers uniform foreign language training business-wide, with an almost boundless repertoire of courses and in all locations across the world.

Individual support for your training

Your dedicated Learnship contacts design your training according to your business requirements, carry out quality assessments and, where necessary, optimize ongoing courses.

Tailor-made processes

To guarantee the highest quality of service, Learnship individually tailors organization to your business processes. This includes, for example, the transfer of data by interface and specially configured webpages for your intranet – with information, login screens and the business’s own learning platform in the look and feel of your business.

Tailor-made reporting

You have the most up-to-date overview at all times: 
Learnship regularly provides you with information in a format agreed with you – online, by email or via the relevant interface.

These Customers Already Trust Learnship

Networked Learning in Learnship’s Innovative Classroom

To improve everyday cooperation between professionals, our customers bring their employees together from different locations during group training sessions. Example: Three of your engineers in the same specialist area log into Learnship online from different company locations. They are taught together by their personal trainer (English trainer with a degree in engineering) in the interactive Learnship classroom at the agreed time. We would be pleased to develop a group concept for you, too.